Crisis Intervention
Grief Management
Post-traumatic Rehabilitation
Rhetoritheraputic Healing

Heartalkā„¢ Online Analysis


Alliance Building
Coalition Formation
Conflict Resolution


Bias Analysis
Focus Assessment
Integrative Mapping


Cross-cultural Dialogue
Multicultural Discourse
Transcultural Diversification

Who We Are

And what

Non-judgemental, able to listen, and willing to hear.

When We Are

And why

  • They haven't understood
  • They aren't understanding
  • They don't understand
  • They can't understand
  • They won't understand

What People Are Saying

And where

  • "I was going to kill myself."

    Alex, roaming on a subway platform
  • "No one else would listen."

    Bill, wandering the streets
  • "You didn't turn away."

    Maria, crouched outside a supermarket